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                        File Browser

#ifndef FB_H
#define FB_H

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

 *    File Type:
typedef struct _fb_type_struct            fb_type_struct;
struct _fb_type_struct {

      gchar       *ext,       /* Space separated list of extensions */
                  *name;            /* Description of this file type */


extern gint FileBrowserInit(void);
extern void FileBrowserSetStyle(GtkRcStyle *rc_style);
extern void FileBrowserSetTransientFor(GtkWidget *w);
extern gboolean FileBrowserIsQuery(void);
extern void FileBrowserBreakQuery(void);
extern void FileBrowserReset(void);
extern gboolean FileBrowserGetResponse(
      const gchar *title,
      const gchar *ok_label, const gchar *cancel_label,
      const gchar *path,
      fb_type_struct **type, gint total_types,
      gchar ***path_rtn, gint *path_total_rtns,
      fb_type_struct **type_rtn
extern void FileBrowserMap(void);
extern void FileBrowserUnmap(void);
extern void FileBrowserShutdown(void);

extern gint FileBrowserTypeListNew(
      fb_type_struct ***list, gint *total,
      const gchar *ext,
      const gchar *name
extern void FileBrowserDeleteTypeList(
      fb_type_struct **t, gint total

#endif      /* FB_H */

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