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                        Joystick Properties Dialog


#include <sys/types.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#ifndef gbool
# define gbool    guchar

 *    Joystick properties dialog structure:
typedef struct {

      gbool initialized;
      gbool map_state;

      gpointer core_ptr;      /* Pointer to a jc_struct. */

      GtkAccelGroup *accelgrp;

      GtkWidget   *toplevel,



      GtkWidget   *general_icon_fixed,
                  *name_entry,      /* Descriptive name. */


} jc_jsprops_struct;

extern jc_jsprops_struct *JCJSPropsNew(
      gpointer core_ptr       /* jc_struct * */
extern void JCJSPropsGetValues(jc_jsprops_struct *jsp);
extern void JCJSPropsSetValues(jc_jsprops_struct *jsp);
extern void JCJSPropsMap(jc_jsprops_struct *jsp);
extern void JCJSPropsUnmap(jc_jsprops_struct *jsp);
extern void JCJSPropsDelete(jc_jsprops_struct *jsp);

#endif      /* JCJSPROPS_H */

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