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                Help messages for the Joystick Calibrator

#ifndef HELPMESG_H
#define HELPMESG_H

/* Tooltip for the devices GtkCombo. */
#define HELP_TTM_DEVICES_COMBO      "\
Enter the joystick device name that you want to open, then \
press ENTER. A typical value would be /dev/js# where # is a number."

/* Calibration instructions displayed on representative layout. */
Click on the Calibrate button to begin calibrating.\n\
Move all axises through their complete range, then\n\
return all axises back to their centers.\n\
When done, press the Calibrate button again\n\
to process the newly calibrated positions.\n\
To save the new calibration go to\n\

#endif      /* HELPMESG_H */

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